Reputation Management

There are times when you are hit by major search engines and in such cases you need an expert to overcome the situations of libel, slander and defamation. We at sanaz technologies, work meticulously to provide you robust reputation management solutions. We have a team of experts that can analyze and implement solutions to all your repute issues.

There are people in competition that can cause harm to your reputation and when this happens it is important that you take immediate actions to resolve these issues. We can help you with full proof custom made strategies designed to protect and build your online reputation. We can also help you with the legal actions to be taken as causing libel, slander or defamation in any ways is severe legal crime and different countries have different ways to punish defamers.

Let’s understand the terms used:

Defamation is a broad term and is called occurred when someone releases any false statement of fact about an individual or a company in order to cause harm to their reputation.

Libel is said to occur when someone defames online in the form of bad comments, web page posting, bulletin board posting, bad review, bad ratings or a blog post with the intention of harming someone’s online reputation.

Slander is a defamation caused via spoken means online such as a podcast, audio file or a transcribed video.

If you or your business has faced any such attack, you can take strict actions and protect your reputation and we can help you in doing so. It is certain that if you have online libel or slander, your sales are going to be affected and will keep effecting until you do something to stop this reputation maltreatment. You can try filing rebuttal for these issues and get relief. These rebuttals can even help your website to rank higher in search engines as keyword density will increase for your web page.

How we can help?

We, at sanaz technologies, have experts in reputation management that can work on your problems and reputation building. We first of all analyze the problem and for this we need you to provide us with as much information as you can so that we can work accordingly. We ourselves find out what all posts that you believe are defamatory and why and then work on identifying the reasons behind them.

Once we have all the information about all the libel or slanders being caused to you, we work on removing all such posts from internet. We would need you to provide us with all the proofs of proving the slanders false so that we can help you with the legal process. You may also be required to write a letter to stop these acts or contact a lawyer if the issue is severe. You can file a complaint in court with the defenders name and the actions will be taken against the person who caused your reputation harm.

We also run reputation plans that will push these libel, slander and defamation posts from Google’s first page to the other pages below and so these won’t be visible with your name and will be of less harm. We have experts that run a strategic process to solve all your reputation issues. All you need to do is assist us with whatever the information is being asked and we take care of it all for you!