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You become an internet marketing agency not just because you know how to market online but there is a great deal of understanding on handling a business’s reputation and showcasing it in such a way that it thrives. We, at sanaz technologies, not only serve our clients with internet marketing solutions but work towards branding, online reputation management, increasing sales and return on investment driven campaigns.

Search engine optimization is first and foremost process into achieving grand online reputation as it makes your presence felt to the targeted audience. Link building is a back-bone of search engine optimization process and works as a vital constituent in achieving desired success and thus, is one of our specialty services. Social media marketing is one major section that caters your business message to the prospects and in turn generates leads. We at Sanaz technologies, a team of qualified professionals work passionately towards providing improved websites rankings.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Link Building Services

Link Building Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services

Local SEO

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization Services:

Search engine optimization is an integral part of internet marketing that plays a very important part in keeping your website on top search results of major search engines and in turn brings you leads. We at sanaz technologies help you with the latest and all legit techniques that can be applied to optimize your future returns and provide long term results.

Sanaz technologies can help you with:

      • Complete On Page & Off Page Search Engine Optimization (White-Hat)
      • Design Search Engine Friendly Web Sites
      • Regular Monitoring & Reporting of your Web Site
      • Paid Search Engines Submissions
      • Submissions on Search Engines of Industry specific
      • Submissions to provincial Search Engines
      • Competitor Analysis
      • Link Building Services
      • Link Popularity Services
      • And much more…

We have technical engineers in the field that understand how major search engines work to provide complex solutions that match your business needs. We strictly follow no spam policy and all our procedures are ethical and up to industry standards.

Link Building Services:

Link building is a very important part in the search engine optimization process. As the leading Link Building service provider, we, analyze the link building needs and scope for your business and provide links that matter most to latest search algorithms.

How links help your business:

Links create a tie from and to your website at various other related places on internet and so search engines value these links specially if these links are coming from high reputable sources and so your websites rankings will improve. Links also drive huge traffic and thus leads to conversions helping both ways.

We also perform reciprocal link building, one way link, link wheel creation, outbound and inbound link creation, internal linking and various other ways to ensure high-end results. Link building is a part of off page optimization and so we achieve our search engine goals by submitting your website’s link to various reputed websites and drive traffic as well as rankings this way. We perform link building at Web 2.0 websites, social bookmarking and various other submissions that form a part of off page SEO and help both ways.

Social Media Marketing Services:

Social media is blending into people’s lives today. People from almost all generations use social media as a means to communicate socially, personally and professionally and it is now quite easy to reach masses using social media. As information spreads on social media so quick, there are fewer efforts to be made into this direction. However, directing your efforts into the right direction, towards the right masses and communicating in an effective way is what an expert like sanaz technologies does for your business.

Our experts are well aware of all the social media trends and so they can design the social media strategies absolutely suitable for your business needs. Deciding the right amount of time and marketing budget to be spend on social media is also crucial and so experts will do it efficiently.

We understand the importance of having right amount of fans, followers and likes on social media and also being in news always. It is a true saying that out of sight is out of mind and so communicating with your prospects via regular posting and blogging is an effective way. You can also draw immense traffic from social media popularity as you have the chance of constantly being in touch with your potential prospects.

Local SEO Services:

SEO is crucial but as important as a local listing is for a business to reach the right masses. There is no point marketing if you are not showing up where you target market is and so we at sanaz technologies run separate campaign for local SEO with a focused mind. We make sure that you show up in local searches as well along with the global listings as being specific makes catering to your prospects easily.

As our team of experts works hard to get you right amount of traffic back to your website, we also make sure you sustain to get it for long term and remain in searches for long term and so local listings help greatly in doing so.

We understand that your website is the mirror image of your business online and it is your sole way to communicate to the prospect clients and customers and so we take care of your mirror image delicately with utmost sophistication.