Recovery Plan – Sanaz Technologies

Google, the major search engine across internet has been seen updating its algorithms quite frequent lately. Various websites have faced penalties due to the algorithm changes and most have lost their rankings. If you have also received some kind of notification from Google stating some unethical practice being followed, don’t worry we are here to get you out of this and rank your website high.

Because of the use of unnatural links or duplicated, overstuffed or poor content, websites generally face issues in ranking and sometimes even get beaten up by search algorithms. Recent changes to Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms have affected websites and have made it difficult to rank high. We at sanaz technologies provide stout solutions to all recovery issues and help you get out of any kind of penalties.

Our experts will remove all the unnecessary links and provide you with high quality and optimized content that will rank your website again on top search results. We follow first-rate recovery plans mentioned below to free your website from all the penalties. All you need to do is to contact us and we will do the rest as follows:

      • First process we follow is to analyze each and every link associated with your website and make sure it is a healthy tie. If there are any unnatural, non-organic or spammy links, we contact the concerned being that is behind the link and ask them to remove any unhealthy links.
      • We then work on building high end contextual links for your website and promote the brand. We also build quality back links to your website for non SEO keywords.
      • We then work on modifying the Meta tags, image tags, alt tags and website content to make it all absolutely authorized.
      • In the fourth stage we create high end PRs that are generally picked by major search engines like Google news and helps in improving your website visibility immensely.
      • At last we send a reconsideration request to Google, explaining what all changes we’ve made to your website and what actions we’ve taken to recover from the penalties.