SEO is all about bringing an improvement in the volume of traffic that is directed towards a particular website from popular search engines. The main concept is all related to the theory that higher a website appears in search engine rankings the more visitors it is going to get in the long run. SEO is also about targeting various kinds of popular search engine rankings.


Let’s discuss 11 Basic SEO tips to improve the website.

1. Content is the main key and no optimization is going to be effective without the presence of high in quality unique content. An ideal text has right kind of keywords that are all related to supporting the contents basic theme and structure. At the same time, content should be easy to read and understand.

2. Exchange of backlinks with related sites that show relevance with a particular topic under discussion can also yield high-quality results. You should also link to website pages, but this should always be done with a lot of care.

3. Google also is known for drawing images while carrying out calculation rankings. Google makes a display of texts as well as images on pages that contain results of searches and during this, it also draws images that are relevant and present inside the post. Therefore, think of a decent name related with your image files.

4. The website owners are also advised to use understandable as well as shorter permalinks along with keywords. In this regard, the most important point to understand is that only initial 4 permalinks are considered as relevant.

5. There are some themes which focus upon the utilization of a variety of codes for a creation of designs as well as layouts. Search engines such as Google are going to pass via source code for finding content that is considered as relevant. Therefore, you should always use a theme that is search engine optimized.

6. Create sitemap in the XML format because it is also going to be very easy and yields efficient results.

7. You should not only focus on the promotion of your posts and websites upon the platform of social network also promote websites as well as posts of others because in this way people will support you for your kindness in turn linking back.

8.The keywords, as well as content both, should be highly informative, use stronger tags.

9. Never use the black hat techniques.

10. Never use the flash.

11. Stick with the rule of originality because it is going to bring a lot of difference.